This weekend I was lucky enough to attend Worlds Fair Nano in San Francisco. This conference was a hub of new technology and art from ultra-light campers from Happier Camper to feeling VR in a haptic feedback suit from Hardlight VR.

The most interesting part of the show was all of the virtual reality experiences that people were able to try out. About one-third of the fair had a virtual reality aspect to it. These included multiplayer arcade games, ideas for home buying, enterprise solutions and much more. Below is a list of some of my favorites.

Janus Vr allows the user to navigate the internet through a headset. This is an immersive web platform that allows the user to explore webpages in an interconnected 3D world. You can check out some of their experiences with our without a headset here.

screenshot-2017-01-30-12-08-39Leap Motion has been killing it with their hand controls. Their new product, Orion, allows a few key things. Some of these are, extended range for tracking even when your arms are outstretched, better hand tracking for when the sensor can’t see part of the hand and improvements in grabbing and interacting with the environment.

For those of you who grew up on 8 bit, Pixel Ripped will take you back to your childhood games in virtual reality. Game Designer Ana Ribeiro came to the event with a computer, headset and classic Nintendo controller. How could I not fall for the game? In Pixel Ripped, you are stuck in a classroom trying to hide your gaming habits from your teacher. You slide in and out of the game within a game interface

img_4975The Virtual World Arcade booth was able to have 4 people at a time in a VR arcade game interacting with each other. This company has opened up experiences at Santa Clara Paintball as well as Haker Dojo in Santa Clara. While this set up is not practical to have at home. It is easy to see the draw of people in a virtual space working on problems together.

To see more information about the tech that was at Worlds Fair Nano, check out their website.