“Physical vs. emotional and psychological impact of VR on kids“ This is something that is not talked about a lot but should be. We are pulling people into a new way to storytelling and viewing. The emotional impact has the capacity to be huge (and awesome.)

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One study is using a virtual reality obstacle course on treadmills to prevent falls among the elderly. The great part about this is that it seems to work. “Six months after training, however, the incident rate dropped significantly only in the virtual reality group – to six falls in six months – while it was little changed for the treadmill-only group”

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Um…Great, I’d love to try this but definitely cannot afford it! “Rather than paying $60,000 for a professional VR camera, you can now pay $45,000. It’s a $15,000 price drop, but when your starting point is so high, somehow, that discount may not feel so satisfying.”

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