Wahoo!!! “GoPro will start selling its six-camera VR rig on August 17th“ “You still have to pop each one of the six microSD cards out of the rig to transfer your files, which is annoying, but once you make that transfer to your computer the Importer tool syncs it all the footage without any extra work. You just open up the program and it renders a stitched-together preview of each clip that you’ve filmed. It also lets you trim and make basic edits like color correction or stabilization, and from there you can export YouTube- or Facebook-ready 2K, 4K, and even 8K versions of your footage.”

By The Verge


Thank goodness for anti trolling. Well done Google. “Google’s Daydream Labs team has been developing ways to prevent harassment in virtual reality”

By engadget


VR in Space. “SpaceVR plans to launch the world’s first VR camera satellite into space.”

By PCMag