Exercising in VR is still not super appealing to me what with the bulky headset and sweating in it but this is something I might try out. “Using a Samsung Gear VR, a cadence monitor and an exercise bike in his home, Puzey is making the virtual trip from Land’s End to John O’Groats, a distance that Google pegs at 837 miles (1,347 km). Visuals from the journey come courtesy of Google Street View, which has been fed through an app he made himself to allow smooth movement between one Google-captured panorama and the next.” A bit jumpy for me but the says a lot for how cool the future of stationary bike riding can be.



“VR VCs examine the gap between expectations and reality“ This Article is an edited transcript of VC leaders talking about different aspects of VR and their investments. There are really interesting responses to questions about what they look for in gaming strategy and content creation.

By Venture Beat


NextVR! I like NextVR but it might be because of the sunglasses and chap stick they gave me at the last event I saw them at #swag “The total amount of NextVR’s series B financing was US$80 million, some mainland media reported. “ I can’t wait to see what they do with it!

By South China Morning Post