Great, now when GTA comes out in VR it will be even more real. “This VR gun uses haptic feedback to simulate real gunfire “

By The Verge


I’m not surprised that people are choosing TV over VR for the Olympics. It is cool at first with the cameras and being fully immersed but in the end, there needs to be a higher quality. “The downside was the technology. The video quality was so poor, especially on wide shots, that I felt at times that I was watching a bad copy of a VHS tape. I’ve seen lots of 360-degree videos on the Gear VR, so I know it’s possible to do better. It wasn’t likely a streaming issue, as I had at least 100Mbps speeds, even with the VPN. The limited number of camera positions was also a negative; it would’ve been great to have athletes carry cameras, for instance.”

By engadget


Check out a new camera that might be hitting the market, “Veye is a high-end 360-degree streaming VR camera from I-mmersive“

By Venture Beat