Well, it looks like another company is…doing a google cardboard. “Xiaomi announces its first VR headset — but you can’t buy it yet“

By Tech Crunch


Virtual Reality, making spreadsheets fun again. “Envelop VR today unveiled its first product, Envelop for Windows, an “immersive computing platform” that creates a virtual Windows desktop for using applications with a virtual reality headset.”

By Geek Wire


Hum, I’m not sure if this is a challenge I want to take. “Can YOU stomach Resident Evil in virtual reality? Latest ‘puke-inducing’ VR game pushes the limits of the technology

  • Resident Evil 7 will be available to play on VR handsets from October
  • However, people trialling the VR game have complained it causes nausea
  • Physical state of the player, such as jet-lag, was found to have an effect”

By Daily Mail