There is an updated version of GearVR! “Samsung today announced an updated version of the Gear VR, the company’s mobile virtual reality headset. It features a new touchpad, USB Type-C compatibility, and a slightly wider field of view. The revamped Gear VR will still cost $99, and it goes on sale August 19th, with preorders opening up tomorrow.”

By The Verge


Brooklyn is creating a new VR event that 6,000 people will be a part of. I can’t wait to see how it goes and what the troubleshooting will be like. “In the audience, roughly 6,000 people in Google Cardboard headsets will be on their own private journey through the Orion Nebula—scored by the music and experienced together.”

By Fast co.


How can you be more social in VR? How can VR be a less isolating experience? “How PlayStation VR’s Richard Marks sees VR as social and shareable“

By Venture Beat