Virtual reality has the potential to be huge, but the technology and software isn’t there yet.

The price problem

Must-have software isn’t there yet

Augmented reality is stealing the spotlight”



I think we all know VR porn is here to stay. This is the best artice I have seen about it. ““For my super fans, VR lets them feel like I’m really their girlfriend, which is way more personal than traditional porn. It’s a lot more intimate because it feels like you’re there,” said Ames.”

By The Guardian


This sounds really interesting and I can’t wait to check it out. “Along with the team over at Reality 51 — a group operating under Painkiller: Hell & Damnation and Deadfall Adventures developer The Farm 51 — he’s been working on a virtual reality experience called the Chernobyl VR Project. It’s as much an educational experience as it is an interactive one; Reality 51 opted to dig a little deeper than highlighting the disaster in an action-oriented way.”

By Polygon