If you are into watching battles, this sounds like just the spectator hub for you. ‘The Dota 2 VR Hub is going to make this year’s International tournament—whose prize pool is up to $18.7 million and counting—that much more fun for any viewers who have made room in their homes for an HTC Vive.“

By ars technica


I can’t wait to see what SkyVR looks like and I hope it is the quality VR platform with great original content it’s rumored to be.

By Tech Radar


The New York Times, Music article has been on my radar for a few days now and I finally gave it a read today. I have to say, it’s pretty good. The article talks about the challenges of the music industry to move forward in VR with the current adoption of headsets being low. There are a few companies that are out there trying to make it happen and their videos are worth a watch. NextVR is doing some great things along with Jaunt are two of the content industry leads.

By New York Times