What does the future of Oculus look like? Mark Zuckerburg, who has thought about VR since middle school gives a view of what the future looks like and really, it’s pretty cool. Get your popcorn, this is a long article worth the read.

By Bloomberg


Regardless of your views check out the DNC in 360. There is a live stream on YouTube ““Using this new immersive technology gives everyday voters a chance to feel more connected to the candidates and their speeches than ever before,” said Digital Domain’s CEO Daniel Seah.”

By Variety


Very cool stuff from the medical side of things, “For those who have lost the use of their hand, sensors are tapped into nerves in the arm. Those nerves are still trying to talk to a hand that’s no longer there. As the person thinks about moving certain fingers, a signal controls that person’s prosthetic limb. As they think about those movements, they can see them in virtual reality.”

By KTAR News