People want to buy VR. I hope the quality lives up to the hype. “The survey was conducted by marketing group B/HI and research supplier Listen Research. Among the 300 respondents, all of whom play console or PC games for at least five hours a week, 74 percent said they intend to purchase a VR device, while 60 percent hope to get one as a gift.”

By Game Spot


There’s gold in them there hills! “Comcast Ventures has expanded its investments in virtual reality startups by joining a $2.5 million seed round in VR game developer Kite & Lightning.” It’ll be….interesting to see what they come out with. They are now working on, “VR party brawler where you play as selfie stick wielding immortal babies beating up each other.”

By New Bay Media


This could be really cool for Oculus. “An update to Oculus Home is apparently prepping for Touch’s arrival by enabling users to connect multiple Oculus camera sensors to enhance movement tracking and give developers access to highly precise room-scale setups.”

By Tech Crunch


Every wanted to see what a hernia surgery looked like? Now you can! Live!