“Exploring Methods for Conveying Object Weight in Virtual Reality” Woah, worth the read.

By Road to VR


Veeso is aiming to become one of the first VR headsets to capture how you’re feeling through their sensor technology.” This would be a definite step closer in making VR conversations seem and feel more real. Complete with eye rolls. “Understanding where your eyes are looking or how your mouth is positioned is key to allowing you to convey emotions in VR”

By Tech Crunch


Google is taking sound to the extreme and I like it! One step forward for web-based VR “Plain ol’ multi-channel surround sound may be fine for watching a movie on a flat screen, but when you’re navigating a virtual environment with total spatial autonomy, you need a bit more. You need ambisonics, which simulates a full sphere of sound around you”

By (again!) Tech Crunch


Extra Extra read all about it …..” Now You Can Have VR Sex With Real People“

By PCmag