It will be really interesting to see how game play in VR changes how the story is told and the movement within the space. This is a great article that highlights the changes that may have to happen in The Assembly. “The Assembly shows us that designing for VR isn’t just about tweaking how characters move or interact, but rethinking how designers construct the geography of video games.” side note, just looking at that gif makes me nauseated.

By The Verge


How much data can you get from my eyes? As VR progresses….a lot. “Eye-tracking software can gauge your intent and boredom in VR “

By engadget


What will be mass adopted first? AR or VR… in my opinion, it depends where the best content is and how much you really have to see it. “Will Pokémon Go help AR surpass VR in consumer adoption?“ I’m not sure if another game will be able to have the mass success of Pokémon Go. We’ll see if it’s the new Farmville that people stop playing after a few months.

By recode