D-R-A-M-A “Google hires former Samsung VR exec to work on Daydream“ So, going right up against Gear? “Daydream is in many ways throwing a wrench into the VR walled garden Samsung has built for itself alongside Oculus, but mobile VR is largely Google’s platform to lose.”

By Tech Crunch


But, it looks like Samsung is pulling their own punches. I wonder if they will be able to come out with something cool and compelling. “Samsung may be about to release a brand new virtual reality headset that won’t need to be connected to a smartphone, PC or games console.

The VR headset would be a standalone device, where you could download games and films directly onto the headset.“

By Daily Mail


I wonder what’s going to be more addictive? Pain pills or VR. “Instead of Painkillers, Some Doctors Are Prescribing Virtual Reality”

By Smithsonian.com