Heads Up! “You have one chance to watch this Mr. Robot VR experience tomorrow“ “On Thursday, US-based fans of Mr. Robot will be able to see a 12-minute virtual reality experience based on the show, for a very limited period of time.”

By The Verge


Looks like I got my View-Master too early! “The New View-Master Deluxe VR Is the Best Cheap VR Headset Available”

By Gizmodo


It’ll be interesting to see how games adapt to the new VR environment and how different forms of storytelling play a role. “Everest VR is being touted as one of key experiences which should drive the adoption of VR into mainstream. Together with The Climb for Oculus Rift, it probably represents the path forward for VRX.

If we are to describe VRX in short, it would be a “cinematic or animated experience you can play”, but it is not a conventional game which includes interacting with other characters (digital or virtual). As such, targets are different“

By VRWorld