I love VR because it’s not only about games and the ‘cool’ factor. There is real possibility of social change in helping people empathize with one another, deal with pain and deal with past traumas. “Treating PTSD With Virtual Reality Therapy: A Way to Heal Trauma“



That said, the entertainment factor is pretty awesome. I can’t wait to see Darth Vader VR! “Lucasfilm is making a virtual reality movie about Darth Vader “

By The Verge


Facebook is looking for some VR content… “Facebook seems to want to replicate some the success of its established platforms with its more emerging ones: The FB job board has a listing for a “News & Media Content Lead,” for VR subsidiary Oculus states right upfront that “effective content aggregation” is “key” to Oculus’ long-term success as a platform.”

By TechCrunch


I’m watching you Google. “Google’s Standalone Headset May Combine VR and AR“ I certainly hope this is true. I also hope they look like normal glasses. #wishfulthinking

By Gizmodo