What a great question, “”Will Sony’s Playstation VR be Worth Your Money at Launch?” I’d say if you are VR nerd enough to get one…yes, of course it will be J

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I’m not a baseball fan but this is pretty neat. Watch Homerun Derby 15 in VR 15 minutes after it finishes. “The 360-degree video will be shot from VR camera rigs in six locations across Petco Park in San Diego. There’ll be one rig behind home plate and five scattered throughout the outfield and stands. Viewers won’t be able to jump between camera angles manually; they’ll be selected based on each highlight by the NextVR production team.”

By Wired


What do you plan to do in VR? Microsoft wants to know. “The survey is directed specifically at PC gamers and asks, among other questions, what type of setup you have, how many hours you spend playing games every week, and from which stores you buy your PC games.”

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