I love this “Virtual Reality Aimed At The Elderly Finds New Fans“

Dr. Sonya Kim is trying to give new life to the elderly. The problems she has seen as an ER doctor that she is trying to alleviate are, No One Cares About Me, Easing Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Depression. Definitely worth the read!



“Who Will Make Virtual Reality’s Equivalent of ‘Serial?’ Content will convince the masses to put the opaque goggles on.” Wait until you see the project my team is working on. We’ll get some headsets on you J

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Technology for healing seems to be the theme today. “Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie is widely known for using technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) to deliver meaningful experiences that enrich people’s lives.“ Check out her interview! “You have to be getting something valuable out of immersing yourself in a virtual space and separating yourself from the physical world. I don’t see that amount of satisfaction, except for those cases I mentioned, for most of the population any time soon. “

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