Twitter is getting into VR …um, what does that mean? “7 totally unanswered questions about Twitter’s new virtual reality project “

By The Verge


“Women In Gaming: How Virtual Reality Could Spur Social Change In The Video Game Industry” Shockingly, most VR events I go to in the Bay Area tend to be 50% female and I think it’s a really great community. So, I’m not surprised to see this, “As of 2014, female developers made up just 22 percent of the industry, with 2 percent identifying as transgender or androgynous, according to an International Game Developers Association workplace study. While dismally low, that number was double from what was seen in 2009. An recent study states 52 percent of gamers are women. In the growing eSports industry, 30 percent of enthusiasts are female.” The iot community I work with is also amazing and inclusive but still 95% male at the meetups I run.

By International Business Times


“Sony Pictures Entertainment, the U.S. entertainment subsidiary of Sony Corporation, is doubling down on virtual reality initiatives by appointing an executive to a new role specifically tied to creating virtual reality content for the company’s motion picture group.”

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