Virtual Reality and Marketing have been all over the news lately. With VR becoming more mainstream, it was only a matter of time before marketing and advertisers jumped on. “Is Branded Virtual Reality Content the Next Frontier in Marketing?”

By Wall Street Journal


For those of you, um, just getting into VR, this is the best and most basic how to get started article I have seen.

By New York Times

Also read this NYT goodie about “Real Truths on Virtual Reality” “A prison of fantastical sights and sounds,”


Well this is neat, “Today, Facebook-owned Oculus announced the launch of 360-degree video reactions for the Gear VR headset. So now, when watching Facebook videos using Samsung’s virtual reality goggles, you’ll be able to choose between the social network’s standard series of reactions, including the Like or one of the five new emoji reactions. When viewing 360-degree videos, you’ll also be able to see others’ reactions float by on the screen as well.”

By The Verge