I’m not surprised that consumers want VR for more than just games. I’m really excited about what it can do for empathy and education. “Consumer interest in virtual reality goes far beyond gaming, according to the latest research from Greenlight VR. In addition to games, consumers want to use VR for travel, entertainment, events, home design, and education.”

By VentureBeat


And Speaking of empathy…” Virtual reality videos that allow viewers to take an immersive tour of Syrian refugee camps or interact with Burundian refugees in Tanzania is the latest medium in a long list of videos and interactive documentaries that aim to evoke empathy for people suffering amid humanitarian causes.”

By Humanosphere

Image from the virtual reality documentary Clouds Over Sidra, by Chris Milk for the U.N.


Sports venues and fans alike are hopping on VR with vigor! The new Sacramento Kings Stadium is going to be wired for Virtual reality. “Whether they’re way up in the high seats or they’re in a box but not sitting courtside, you still want to give them that courtside experience,”

By MIT Technology Review