PC Gaming Show Time! Forbes will be updating this list as the show goes on with the newest updates on top. Check it out “Virtual Reality, Indie Games, And All The Other News From The PC Gaming Show”

By Forbes


E3 announcement, “Bethesda Softworks is releasing last year’s Fallout 4 for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset in 2017.” Also be on the lookout for Doom

By The Verge


The times they are a changing… “Microsoft Corp. is developing a new videogame console for virtual-reality and 4K resolution gaming, the company said Monday at a media event in Los Angeles ahead of the gaming industry’s annual E3 conference. It also is planning a slimmer version of the Xbox One.” Sony (as you probably know) is also working on something more powerful. Lets see who comes out on top!

By The Wall Street Journal


“Razer announces its second Open Source Virtual Reality headset“ “The HDK2 is the newest headset from the gaming-hardware company Razer, and it will start shipping in July for $400.” Cool

By Venture Beat