“12 Virtual Reality Stats That Will Blow You Away”

Lets count them down!

  1. The virtual reality market could be worth $30 billion by 2020
  2. 500 million VR headsets could be sold by 2025
  3. 171 million people could be using VR hardware and software worldwide by 2018
  4. You’ll have to wait up to four months for an Oculus Rift headset
  5. Google’s Cardboard app has been downloaded up to 10 million times
  6. One million people have used Samsung’s Gear VR over the past month
  7. Nearly 1.3 million people subscribe to the YouTube 360 channel
  8. Over one million hours of video have been watched on Gear VR
  9. 250 apps are available for that ecosystem
  10. 200,000 developers have already registered to build games for the Oculus Rift
  11. 28 million people could be paying for VR hardware and content by 2018
  12. There are currently 685 virtual reality start-ups with an average valuation of $4.5 million

By The Motley Fool


Draw your weapon! No, literally, draw your own weapon. How do you want it to look? The prototype for Draw Your Blade is out.

By The Verge


There was a fire fight! The platform wars wage on.

Daydream – “because Daydream requires Google-certified hardware specs within the host Android phone, most consumers won’t be able to update their existing Android smartphone and get the full Daydream experience.”

HoloLens – “Microsoft sees HoloLens as a product from which other hardware vendors can draw inspiration. Microsoft listed off a who’s who of key hardware players as partners, including Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, HTC, Acer, ASUS, CyberPowerPC, Dell, Falcon Northwest, HP, iBuyPower, Lenovo and MSI.”

By Recode