Zo man! I bet this is weird “Björk is launching her ‘Bjork Digital’ exhibit in Australia on Friday, which features virtual reality and other immersive experiences.“

By Rolling Stone


VR exercise as it currently is sounds sweaty and a little gross. I think I’ll hold of really exercising in VR until the tech is a little less, huge tethered headset on your head style. Also “You can pre-order a Holodia rower kit now for a whopping $12,131. Even that’s a discount, as the retail price is going to be $13,472.”

By engadget


Well, this heading says it all “VR parachuting is the future, and the height of weirdness – You’re flying majestically through the air, all without getting in a plane. But to people around you, you look like a human energy pod from “The Matrix.” Welcome to the future of virtual reality.“



The pictures today were just too good. I had to use them all.