Graphics hardware companies are falling in line to get VR out to the masses and get that tipping point tipped already. “Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is angling to lower the cost of virtual reality, targeting the field with a new line of graphics hardware priced at $199—half or less the cost of comparable products.”

By The Wall Street journal


“Google’s 3 Rules For Designing Virtual Reality“

  1. People Enjoy Using Tools In VR; Let Them
  2. Do More Than Merely Replicate Reality
  3. Limiting Freedom Can Create Purpose

Want to know what the context of these rules is? Check out the full article.



GQ has a great easy to read article. The whole thing is a good review the below is a snapshot…

“Choose Your Virtual High

The five major VR systems, as compared to illicit substances. What’s your headset drug of choice? —J.W.

WHIP-ITS: Origami the Google Cardboard together, drop in your phone, and you’re all, Whoa, man! You rush out to show all your friends. But you get bored with it pretty fast, and you either move on to bigger things or go back to Netflix on the couch. $15,

MARIJUANA: Clip one of the six compatible Samsung phones (sorry, iPhone owners) into the Samsung Gear VR and you have yourself a proper gateway drug into VR—hands-free, cord-free, and powered by Oculus software. You could stop here and be happy. $100,

DISPENSARY MARIJUANA: The Sony PlayStation VR is the thing you already know and love—video games! on your PlayStation!—except you had no clue it could get this crazy intense. And like 50-state weed legality, PlayStation VR requires a wait—it’s not out until October. $399,

COCAINE: Man, the Oculus Rift is insane! Have you tried it? Holy shit, man. It’s the real deal. You’re all wired up (to a powerful computer, which costs an extra grand or more) and you feel like a god in control of the world, and…what’s that? HELL YEAH WE SHOULD DO SOME MORE. $599,

HEROIN: The Vive by HTC is VR injected directly into your bloodstream. The Vive also needs a pricey computer, but it allows you to move around in space and use your hands, thanks to an array of room-mounted sensors and two scepter-like controllers. Prepare to lose yourself. $799,”