“Virtual-Reality Dreams Won’t Erase HTC’s Problems” HTC is not doing great right now. Despited the Vive, other parts of the business continue to be going from down and right. “HTC Vive may immerse its users in an alternative world, but it can’t alter the fate of its maker.” L

By The Wall Street Journal


Netflix is still not in VR for content but it is dabbing with the technology for viewing films in a different room. Check out the Netflix Zone to rent your favorite VHS in virtual reality.

By Wired UK


A lot of VR celeb news today; Brian May (Guitarist from Queen) Dale Earnhardt Jr. and as we know from yesterday Paul McCartney. But I think this is much cooler, “pilot of Google Expedition, which provides students the opportunity to learn on teacher-led virtual reality trips” Students learning and seeing new places in VR! Pretty cool.

By NorthJersey.com