Facebook snapping up another VR company. Sounds like a double down to me. 360 sound is necessary for a full VR experience. “The social networking giant acquired a small startup called Two Big Ears, which specializes in audio technology that Facebook will incorporate into its own VR projects”

By Fortune


THE FINAL FRONTIER! “Tour 3D Pluto in New Portable Virtual-Reality View”

Thank you Times for a new cool VR experience.

By Space.com


It’s Rolling Stone so you know it’s going to be a good article about the rise of Oculus. “Will Virtual Reality Change Your Life? – How a teenager created Oculus Rift in his parents’ SoCal garage, sold it for $2 billion and may have launched a digital revolution”

By Rolling Stone


I would agree that 2016 is not the year of widely accepted VR. I think 2016 is the beginning of a larger rise. VR is not completely ready for everyone to have or want a headset in their house but it is the beginning of that possibility being actually viable.

By The Wall Street Journal