This is the best Storytelling article I have read in a while. Goes over How the Audience perceives their role, How position and engagement affects the story, and how visual constraints affect the story.

“The Storyteller’s Guide to the Virtual Reality Audience“

By Katy Newton


“Disney’s new Steam app puts its VR experiences in one place“ For all your Disney needs, check out a new virtual reality app. Though be ready to get a mixed bag that’s a bit disjointed.

By The Verge


If EyeSight can pull this off, it looks like it will be very cool. EyeSight is working on software that allows your smartphone’s rear-facing camera to track your gestures during VR experiences.” It’ll be interesting to see how accurate it is.



“Oculus launches new VR filmmaking program for students and nonprofits – Oculus wants to show VR is more than a tool for entertainment “