Vuze looks cool! But it doesn’t ship until October. It’ll be interesting to see the quality of the top of the shot on this one. “Developed  by Israeli imagining company HumanEyes, the portable camera features eight cameras, positioned in pairs around the perimeter of its flat, square head. When combined, they’re able to shoot 4K 360-degree virtual reality video.”

By Tech Crunch


Virtual Reality looks like it is here to stay. “Vendors will ship 6.3 million virtual reality headsets globally in 2016, according to research from Canalys. Separate research from CCS Insight suggests that augmented reality and VR headsets could grow to 96 million units by 2020, at a value of $14.5 billion.”



According to the team at gaming PC brand Alienware…

“3 Things To Know About the Future of Virtual Reality

  1. Virtual reality will get more physical
  2. VR is an industry-wide effort
  3. wireless Rift or Vive won’t happen soon”



With the push to VR in gaming, this seems like a really cool app “Ansel will allow players to take full 360 degree screenshots with the click of a button”

By Kill Screen