I Love this and can’t wait to work with Kelly Vicars to think up a new, weird, awesome, crazy art show in San Fransisco.

If you are in NY, check out this gallery show out, “Seeing with the Body at a Virtual-Reality Art Show“

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New Selections for the Gear. Content Content Content! I’ve already said that being stuck in solitary confinement doesn’t appeal to me but the others I’ll take a gander at. “The new selections announced Wednesday include “Nomads,” a three-dimensional video series examining wayfaring lifestyles in remote parts of the world. There’s also an upcoming video game called “Tactera” that requires players to plot a battlefield strategy on a holographic tabletop, and another 360-degree video called “6X9” providing a grim look of what it’s like to be stuck in a prison’s solitary confinement cell.”

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The UN has some cool projects going on. They have commissioned 3 VR films, “Each film is designed to show viewers the realities of life on the other side of the world, and each allows viewers to rotate and see 360-degree views” This entire article gives a great overview and is worth a read “Virtual reality’s new frontier: peacekeeping, Iraq War therapy, and digital paradises

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“Devices that have slashed the cost of virtual reality, and transformed its performance, have implications for scientists as well as gamers. Researchers who are experimenting with the head-mounted displays say that they have the potential to find widespread use as a research tool.”

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