Virtual Reality and room design seems like a no brainer. See what your space looks like before you actually order the couch that is WAY to big for your small apartment.

“It really looked like our living room,” Mr. Hecker said. “It’s wild. With virtual reality, you can see how multiple pieces go together and from different views, as if you’re walking around.”

By New York Times


A statement I 100% agree with “Virtual reality will revolutionize media content but VR headsets need to evolve“

“’I think there’s a step beyond [headsets], whether it’s in our phone or our eyes, it won’t be a set of goggles sitting in our home,’ Tellerman mused.”

By TechCrunch


Who you gonna call? “The Void Ghostbusters Experience will open at the Madame Tussauds wax museum New York location in Times Square. Visitors will be able to walk through a physical set featuring the Ghostbusters’ headquarters complete with props and actors from the new film. Visitors will also be able to strap on a helmet and participate in virtual reality ghost-hunting mission to save New York from paranormal villains as part of the epic finale of the Ghostbusters Experience.
By Inquisitr


Nintendo will always have a special place in my heart. I still love Maniac Mansion…pictured above.

“A user on the social sharing site Reddit has worked out a way to play games from Nintendo’s failed Virtual Boy console using modern devices from Google and Samsung. The anonymous user – known as The-King-of-Spain – has created an emulator (a program which recreates an older computer operating system) in order to play the Virtual Boy games.”