About a year ago, a good old friend put a google cardboard in my hand.  I put it on a shelf and didn’t try it once.  A month weeks ago, another good old friend tells me that she wants my help to make good on her New Year’s resolution, to produce a VR event.  It’ll have to be after the play we’re about to do, though.  Because that’ll be keeping me busy for months.  “In the meantime, ” She says, “find a way to have some kind of VR experience.”  A couple weeks more of dust on my Google Cardboard, and I decide I’ll do the world a favor and try it.


I dash into Ryan’s room and slap it on his head.  “Wow!”  You should do this for your next show.

Of course we should!  I don’t care what it takes, what it means, we’re using this in the show we’re doing right now.  Have you ever broken it to your cast, who signed up for a stage play, that the show is gonna be half-VR?  No, I’m sure you haven’t.  Cause no-one has.  Which means this cast was the most receptive to integrating VR into their devising process in history.  Because we happen to be the first Professional Theater Company making VR theater!  So we’ve chosen to set ourselves up for glory.  Either glorious victory… or …glorious…blog updates.

Production questions include:

How do we sync our content across multiple cardboards?  At the current time, there is no app to control these.  Have we missed something?  Is that app compatible with iOS and Android?

Am the first theater deviser to seek answers to creative questions on Stack Overflow?

Tickets available