I really do think that some of the best uses of VR are helping people with escaping beds, in the case of hospital patients, learning empathy and in this case severe paranoia. “Patients who suffered persecutory delusions were encouraged to step into a computer-generated Underground train carriage and a lift. The simulations allowed the study’s 30 patients to learn social situations they feared were actually safe.”



Time Inc. Life Magazine and NextVR have teamed up to bring storytelling to the next level.

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Ohhhhh ahhhhhh “How virtual reality can change the way we see gender and horror movies “ Want to feel like a helpless woman and tortured when you don’t return his affections? Now you can. Check out the trailer for Abe VR.

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Netflix is not going all in on VR, “We’re experimenting with things, we’re looking at things, but we have no concrete plans. It’s a very early phase, so we’re gonna learn some things with no commitment other than to have the Netflix TV shows and movies be available within the headsets.”

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