“Google VR And The Quest For Wireless, Affordable Virtual Reality

A Q&A with Google’s Head of VR, Clay Bavor”

By Popular Science


“Anne Frank’s story is one of the most well-known of all time, and now a new virtual reality film will enable the public to experience it like never before.” Sounds like another VR experience that will tug at the heartstrings.

By Entertainment Weekly


Conde Nast in VR “The publisher of luxe titles such as Vanity Fair and Vogue offered a sneak peak of a previously announced six-episode VR series in development that’s due out in September, called “Invisible.” Condé Nast is joining the ranks of publishers that are spending on VR and its more accessible cousin, 360-degree video, on the belief that advertisers are ready to get on board.”

By Digiday


VR saved the journalism star? “According to the Times ”NYT” , which kicked off the NewFronts Monday morning, the future of journalism is virtual reality. The company, which will reportedly cut 70 jobs from its international arm this year, announced six new digital video series and touted its successful foray into 360-degree videos.”

By Fortune