“Next big thing for virtual reality: lasers in your eyes” Sounds cooler than it is. USA Today means eye tracking and yes, I agree, eye tracking will be a major part of VR in the future iterations.

By USA Today


New York Times is still doing it right “New York Times Magazine is bringing its annual Voyages issue into 360-degrees with its first episodic VR series. Debuting this fall, Voyages will give viewers an inside look as the magazine’s photographers travel around the world on assignment.”

By Hollywood Reporter


Lets just say that today, there was an Oculus dump of news. The headlines basically cover it.

What It’s Like to Take a Class in Virtual Reality From Oculus Scientists
Chicago Inno

Facebook’s Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Is Coming to Best Buy

Facebook’s Oculus Rift Won’t be the iPhone of Virtual Reality
Motley Fool


SVVR had a few cool things according to Colton Westrate of Tech Report

Infinadeck – a true VR treadmill that allows for freedom of movement in any direction

Interactive Lab – The demo was a room-scale setup that used reflective balls on the headset and a gun controller. Those reflective balls were tracked by emitters and cameras. In the demo itself, your character is placed in a space station that is being invaded by robots.

Stompz – small devices that clip onto your shoes and translate the motion of walking in place into movement in a VR experience

Tactical Haptics – an add-on that clips onto an HTC Vive controller to take advantage of the absolute positioning data the controller provides

Life of Lon– a game where you meet a cute alien sea-otter type character and (hopefully) your curiosity compels you to follow him

By Tech Report