VR for cute things. Samsung has come out with a prototype app where parents can now tell their children bedtime stories over Virtual Reality when they can’t be home for the night. “The parent wears a Gear VR while the child wears a Google Cardboard headset (decorated with one of three character masks), and both enter the same virtual world. The parent then narrates the story, titled Most Wonderful Place to Be, which sees them traveling between three “magical places” while sitting on their bed.”

By The Verge


Want to see that building before it’s built? Now you can. “NBBJ, the prominent Seattle-based architecture and design firm known for projects including Amazon’s biospheres, is looking to replace the standard ant-scale replicas with a virtual reality platform for a more immersive look inside planned buildings.”

By GeekWire


“Three steps to the ultimate in escapism: virtual-reality worlds you never need to leave” according to Philip Rosedale, founder of online virtual world Second Life.

  • Phase one, “immersion” is next, he says. VR is currently experienced by using a visual headset and stereo earphones, and interaction in the VR space is limited
  • Phase two, Rosedale explains, is getting “people” – that’s us users – into the virtual world, where they can walk around as lifelike avatars and interact with objects, and each other, in a human way.
  • Rosedale’s third phase, “space”, as in physical rather than outer, was futurism to the max. In the not-too-distant future, he predicts, the whole world will be replicated in 3D on computer hard drives, so we will never have to go out; we’ll be able to visit anywhere on the planet virtually.

By South China Morning Post


“Tech Trends: Day 2 of Virtual Reality Expo in San Jose focuses on jobs“