Well, the AltspaceVR team has done awesome stuff. A comedy club with no people in the club sounds a bit strange for the comedian and according to their accounts it was. “This is a virtual comedy club, where comics have to read a room made up of expressionless digital faces, and audience members who think the jokes are lame can instantly vanish.” Was I funny? Did the joke land? Yes, whew, a smiley face.

By Wall Street Journal


I have to say, I agree with John Riccitiello “Unity CEO: Maybe 2016 isn’t really the ‘year of VR’“ I think 2016 is the year VR becomes mainstream enough to have people start awesome work on it.



“The Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Expo kicked off Thursday in San Jose, California with a six-part keynote featuring various figures in the industry covering everything from social VR, 360 cameras, to VR in space.” Read this article. Also, get your hands on that keynote

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The Guardian’s first foray into VR is a solitary confinement experience and after seeing the 360 video…I’m not sure if I want to try it. Seems a little too real.

By Nieman