“Acer debuts new gaming PCs with VR support and a powerful 2-in-1 laptop” Headline is like it sounds. If you are in the market for a new gaming computer, you now have another option.



Is VR the future of music videos? The best headline I have seen all week is, “If video killed the radio star, VR slayed it.“ This is a great article about Tyler Hurd’s, creator of Butts, new project Old Friends and how he got where he is today. I had no idea that Butts did not start out as a VR project.

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What are the top VR movies you should check out? According to Forbes you should not miss


“Just as immersive theater shows such as Sleep No More and The Grand Paradise can be experienced a thousand different ways depending on what room you are in at what time, Allumette shows how VR can allow for that same sort of interactive agency on the part of the viewer.”


“Invasion! uses the free-roaming capabilities of the HTC Vive to put you in the shoes of a cartoon rabbit who is put in the most unfortunate position of facing off against (honestly, fairly adorable) alien invaders.”

Old Friend

“In this interactive music video from the band Future Islands, you’re cast as a dancing cartoon character. And believe me when I say: You will dance.” For more info on this one, check the article above.

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