I seriously cannot wait to see these Insomniac games. “A first-person magic dueling game. A third-person, Altered Beast-style brawler. An Antarctic horror adventure.”

By Kotaku


You too can have an awesome GoPro VR camera for only 5,000 USD. Ok, so it is a lot but better than the Odyssey rig. Go pro is also launching a video sharing platform today.

By The Verge


You Tube is now hosting live streams of 360 degree VR videos. Maybe this is what I need to make my Orah 4i worth it! “It’s a way to make it so these immersive experiences are available to anyone who has a phone.”

By USA Today


Yeah, I’m still pretty stoked that I can try VR at Gamestop. It’s a great call by them. “Gamestop is really doubling down on VR. First we heard that the company would be demoing the HTC Vive virtual reality headset in its stores, and now the company has announced that it’s going to also be offering instore demos of Playstation VR starting in June.”

By Forbes