This is a great article about how Google cardboard came into being and the people behind it. It’s interesting to hear about the distribution, NY times content and future of VR through the eyes of Google. One of the best lines from Bavor, Google’s VP of VR, “Pretty good VR is only cool until the novelty wears off. Then it’s just shitty VR.” Its also cool to see that everyone is sort of in the same boat right now. “There’s a group within the VR team that builds two new apps, every single week, just to see if quilting or gardening or drumming is fun in VR.”

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Little Match Girl in VR? I was to cry just thinking about it and it sounds like the Tribeca Film crowd thought it was a hit. Penrose Studios has a really great idea. In fact, the small studio — which is made up of Oculus VR, Dreamworks and Pixar veterans, among others — is intent on building “persistent worlds” that viewers can revisit to eavesdrop on the drama of inhabitants. It’s a way for Penrose to successively build out a story’s larger narrative in VR. It’s also a clever content play.”

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New Headphones for your Playstation VR. Plantronics’ RIG 4VR are light, flexible and comfortable. Why did Plantronics decide to build with Sony? “’We prioritized these headphones around the PlayStation VR because we found their headgear design was more evolved, and had the biggest compatibility from an install base perspective,’ Corey Rosemond, Business Development Director, Gaming at Plantronics”

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The Metaverse is real! I can’t wait to try Facebook’s new VR tools when they are released. It still looks like new and cartoonish but should be a cool first iteration.

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