“Facebook develops huge, pricey 360 VR camera” Yep, that about sums it up

By USA Today


Oh, a reality VR show. So they combined 2 of my favorite things, I’ll check it out. “The Foo Show is the first testbed for Smith’s startup, Foo VR. If things take off, Foo hopes to produce all sorts of interactive storytelling, exploring the frontier of what’s possible when you can live inside a story.”

By Wired


Live newsfeed in Facebook is a great idea…Live VR videos could make you feel like you are hanging out where they are happening. Facebook CEO announced that Facebook live is up and running which means you can have a live stream in your newsfeed. Truman show anyone?

By Deadline



Samsung is making 360 video accessible even to those that don’t have a headset. With Samsung’s new MilkVR app allows users to pan the 360 space using only their phone.

By Variety