Sounds like Sony’s VR headset is pretty ligit.

  • Changing the head band and screen depth is easier than competitors
  • Until Dawn: Rush of blood is apparently, where it’s at
  • It’s cheaper at $399 than its competitors
  • It’s more comfortable to wear

By Time


“With Vive And Rift, VR’s First Month Is A Disaster” Alright Forbes, being a little harsh aren’t we? Yes, orders are coming out slower than expected for Oculus and there have been payment and shipping issues with Vive BUT that had nothing to do with the actual technology. It’s the first time to mass market, lets give em’ a break.

By Forbes


A new VR documentary company sounds like an awesome idea. I can’t wait to see what these guys come up with. “Hustwit, the documentarian behind Objectified, Helvetica, and Urbanized, has launched the Brooklyn-based production company Scenic. Scenic’s focus is producing short, documentary content in 360 degrees for virtual reality headsets.”

By Fastcodesign


Let the data mining begin!! Oculus is going to track your location, how you are using the technology and physical movements. Pretty standard stuff for a tech company but some people are up in arms about it. Will people rally for a privacy mode or do they just not care that much?

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Pockulus – because CHIP looks awesome. “CHIP is completely open source and supports the latest version of Linux,” said Rauchwerk. “And that opens up a whole universe of possibilities for the makers and hackers who want to do crazy stuff with it.”

By Wired