Ohhhh PlayStation VR is looking good. The PS camera was able to catch movements and the demos that are available look better than expected.

By Gizmodo

The title really says it all “Forbes Hosts Large-Scale Live Musical Performance Synced to VR to Cap Off Its Under 30 Summit EMEA“ This was the first large scale music event synced to VR and was broadcast will all of the attendants wearing a headset. “The song and VR experience are available online here for free: maevr.vertigomusic.com.”
By Forbes

GoPro….where you at? The Odyssey is still not out even though it was announced a year ago. Some industry sources attribute the Odyssey’s wait to its features. It’s hard to build such a camera! Google’s VR focus has been more on widespread use of the media — via its cheap Cardboard device and potential ways that smartphones or other devices can view and capture VR video — rather than very expensive camera hardware.”

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Second Post in as many days but this camera is really cool! Orah 4i!! VideoStitch, I can’t wait to see what people do.
By The Verge