VideoStich has come out with its own camera and it looks pretty swank. This camera is called Orha which is a 4k 360- degree camera targeted at capturing live events. This camera is meant for consumers that want to capture events but don’t want to pay for someone to set up everything.

By VentureBeat


AltspaceVR wants you to keep in touch through VR. “After logging into the app, you can opt to “make a VR call” and select an environment like a game room, maze, or virtual art gallery populated with pictures from a chosen Tumblr feed.”

By TheVerge


VR on your morning commute….brilliant or stupid? Time on the train is flying by as you go deeper into the game but you don’t quite notice that pickpocket anymore because you only see the virtual world you are engaged with.



This is a good article about where to find content for your cardboard viewer.

By greenbot


“Japanese Students wear headsets at a school ceremony” Basically, feed their intrest while they are young and maybe they will grow up to build the next awesome platform change. *Applauds*

By Kotaku