Tech Crunch just killing it with an article about the business model of AR and VR. This article talks about issues from hardware sales to the mobile connection.

By TechCrunch


I’m in love with this and the results are so beautiful. Time sent 7 artists into virtual Reality to see what happened. You should definitely check them all out!

By Time


Today’s news is all about people disliking the Oculus or Vive. Gizmodo is standing behind the fact that Gear VR is the only headset to buy due to price, content and setup time. You can get your feet wet in the VR world without having to spend on an expensive headset and gaming system.

By Gizmodo


The Vive has flaws? Of course it does. We’re looking at V1 of all of these systems and when it comes down to it, the challenges listed….need lots of space, costly, hard to set up. For a great VR experience, that doesn’t sound like notable flaws to me.

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