WebVR just got an upgrade! Mozilla release the A-frame 2.0. “For WebVR to evolve quickly, in a period in which VR is dominated by closed native ecosystems, A-Frame needs to enable open experimentation and rapid iteration.”

By A-frame.io


VR is set to be the next technology that changes everything. There is now a low enough price point and enough content to shake up the market. The possible gains exist not only in gaming and entertainment but also with the evolving world of business meeting.

By New Yorker


Embed 306 Videos in your app or website. “VR is great for entertainment purposes,”  Google product manager Nathan Martz told TechCrunch. “But for VR to be as transformative as we all hope it will be, it has to be useful as well.” And, wahoo for SDK on iOS!

By The Verge


This is a long article that basically says Unity=KILLIN IT! Watch the company, use it.

By Bloomberg