“Oculus Rift is the 2016 product you hope your neighbor buys.” If you are not a serious gamer, the rift may be a couple years out until it’s ready for you.

By Wall Street Journal


What do the headsets of the future look like? It’s probably not hard to adjust, it’s probably not tethered in to a computer and it’s probably easy to interact and Share with others. Light and Shadow are the two flipsides of a possible future.

By Fastcodesign


The partnership between Viceland and Samsung did not have the initial ratings it thought but they are hopeful for the future. There is a great video in this link about VR storytelling.

By Adweek


Why AR/VR now and how do we know it’s the right time for this tech to blossom? This article goes through the basics. Why now? Quality and cost are in the right place, multibillion dollar companies are investing, growing number of use cases for AR/VR. There are still barriers but this is true with all transforming technologies.

By xconomy