Trek Fans – someone created the Holodeck in Steam VR

holodeck copy.jpg

By Kodaku


Kevin Spacy for the Celeb win. “I think [virtual reality] will end up being the natural home for capturing the living theater. Because finally we can take a three dimensional experience and retain it as a three dimensional experience.”

By The Verge


It’s a day of videos! “Six Flags developed a visually stunning world that syncs with the coaster’s track and gives thrill seekers a 360-degree view of a city under attack by aliens, created with the help of technology firm Oculus VR.” I wonder what the track actually looks like. It may be less cost prohibitive when building a new coaster to allow VR to make you feel as if a larger drop is happening on a smaller track.



Will the addition of Virtual reality shape how computers are made in the future? PCWorld says yes. With the need for high frame rates, new interactive content and battle with consoles, changes in general population (not just gamer) computer needs might not be that far off.

By PCWorld


The perfect computer for all your VR needs does not come cheap. It looks like the sweet spot for a performance computer is right around $2k.

steam test.png“In the Oculus test, each system received a green “pass” check mark, as expected. In the SteamVR test from Valve, the scores ran from 6.5 to 11, which represents the very top of the scale (a nod to Spinal Tap, perhaps).”