Hulu has made the Jump. They are now streaming nearly 30 360 degree videos.

By Variety


Keith Stuart from The Guardian tells his experience in AltSpaceVR’s AltSpace. It’s an interesting read to hear about avatar personalization, what AltSpace has to offer and the difference of a virtual realty chat room to a normal chatroom. The thing I found most interesting was that people with different devices see different implementations, which forms a hierarchy of tech. Public terminal black and white avatars anyone?

By The Guardian


Your desktop now coming to VR. SteamVR is bringing everything on your desktop to your headset. You can read emails, navigate with headset controllers and now share backgrounds with others.

By engadget


A pleasant Game to show your mom what all this weird VR stuff is doing? Sure, just pull up Bait and let her enjoy fishing for a while. Bait focuses on being beautiful and easy game play.

By The Verge


Companies are not starting to look at how to monetize virtual reality. The founder and CEO of Trillenium is working to show retailers the kind of experience their customers could have. It seems more impactful to sit in a nice showroom and see clothing on models than it is to flip through a catalog.