Le Sigh, I thought it would take a bit longer. VR porn is here to stay. Porn hub just dedicated a channel to VR.

By Gizmoto


Have you ever wanted to create a story in VR? Visionary VR is trying to make it easier for non developers to create stories in Virtual Reality. They have just raised 6 million to help them do it.

By Venture Beat


“There was a fire fight!” Or just a battle to see which headset will win out. Sony is going to be facing an uphill battle but might be able to pull ahead. It is currently the cheapest system that consumers can order. People already have PlayStation. What most don’t have is a super high powered gaming computer.

By The Motley Fool


Will Virtual reality make people more or less connected with humanity? This article seems to think more but I’m a skeptic.

By GeekWire


Fly to space with a Canadian VR documentary The Edge of Space. You just have to download the Arte360 app.

By The Star